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SURF REPORT: November 25/26 2017

Hope everyone had a great holiday with good food and good company! We hit the surf both Saturday and Sunday mornings last week and found quit a few Barred Perch both days. High tide on Saturday was 3.9@4am and dropped less then 1.0ft by 2pm, was joined by my buddy Richard on Sunday and it was about the same. With not much of an outgoing, the perch stayed nice and tight in the splash zone holding just behind the shelf at our feet. Steep beaches and a close drop off is a setup for disaster so we barely waded into the surf both days. Please use caution out there and read the water, one wrong step and you could be in serious trouble.

Hot flies this weekend were sand crab imitations with red or orange attractors like my “Crab bomb.” Others included olive flash buggers and pink/burnt orange clousers in size 8. Best advice this week is “STRIP TO THE TIP” most of my fish came within 10 yards of my rod tip.

We have dates available throughout the holiday season so be sure to call or message to book a trip! Hope you all have a great week and we’ll see you on the beach!

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