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Come venture the surf with us! 

StokeVentures Fly Fishing is a fully equipped, licensed, and bonded guide service offering wade surf fishing sessions from Monterey Bay to San Francisco Bay. Evan is experienced and knowledgeable about the local waters and is excited to pass his knowledge along to you!


*Please Note - We are a Catch and Release Guide service, but take plenty of photos!


License #1000873


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Half Day : $300 for 1-2 Anglers

Fly Fishing the surf is a lot of fun, but after a few hours it can begin to wear you down. That's why we suggest a Half Day (4/5 hour) session that gives you plenty of time to fish the optimal  low light conditions without getting wiped out!

Learn the different techniques used to fly cast on the beach! Single hand and/or double hand sessions which include: maintaining line control in the surf, fishing with stripping baskets, casting multiple fly rigs, etc. Learn how to read the surf, understand the tides, and understand the species of fish we are seeking. We tailor each trip to the individual whether you are a beginner or advanced angler!

Group Clinic / Surf School

5 Hour Lesson/Session : $150 per person Max 10

Is fly fishing the surf new to you? Have you been attempting to fish the surf but are not confident in what you are doing? Maybe you need to dial in that double haul or learn to read the water better? The Surf Fly Fishing clinics may be your best bet! Come join us on the water for a half day of in depth learning about how to attack the surf, work on your casting, and actually fish! we cover all the ins and outs of gear, rigging, and techniques used to be successful in the surf. These clinics are a blast and a great way to introduce yourself to the surf, or expand the knowledge you may already have. Fly Clubs welcomed, sign up as a group or individual!

Fly Fishing Surf Session(Year Round)!


Layers depending on weather, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and most importantly a smile and a good attitude! Don't forget your Fishing License, which can be purchased here.



All the gear needed (Waders, Boots, Jackets, Fly Rods, Reels, Lines, Flys, Stripping Baskets, Etc.)
Snacks and Drinks


*If you would prefer to use your own gear please contact me so I can get you properly outfitted.




Fishing license (Can be purchased ahead of time online or at a local Sporting Store)




It's a big ocean out there so you never know what your next catch might be! Our main focus is targeting Surf Perch and Stripped Bass when they are running, but occasionally we hook up on Jacksmelt, Leopard Sharks, and Halibut.



Have questions? Need more information? Want to book a Fly Fishing trip? Send us a message and we'll contact you soon as possible!

(408) 483-8814

Thanks! Message sent.

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